It is always a dilemma to decide which wine to drink to celebrate a day of love, be it an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a proposal or any romantic evening. L’Amorino, a delicious Negroamaro, translated to “black bitter,” but hardly that, is the perfect choice. This is a fruity, yet intense, almost Amarone style wine, but more in line with a Primitivo, from the south of Italy, on the Puglia coast. Bold yet smooth, soft yet sweet, like love can be. When that moment comes to make the toast or pop the question, pop this cork, and listen to Elgar’s Salut d’Amour. This composition is the perfect companion for this wine, and vice versa. It takes love to make love.

The Negromaro is a deep and dark grape grown in the south of Italy. For over 1500 years, this grape has become associated with the “heel” of the “boot,” notably the Salento peninsula, Tarento, Lecce, Brindisi, and Foggia. This full-bodied grape is often considered earthy, dominated by a deep taste of prunes, ripe plums, blackberry and sweet cherries. The palate is also pleased by a reminiscence of thyme, and spices like clove.

And yet, this L’Amorino has none of the harsh tannins that can often be tasted in the Negromaro wines. L’Amorino has the essence of a poem in its structure and sense. A balance of sugar and spice and everything nice. Similarly, the love poem of Salut d’Amour, originally titled, Liebegruss, or “Love’s Greeting,” is a portrait of love, with its soaring melody full of emotion over a simplified harmony. Elgar composed the work in 1888 for his wife, dedicating it “à Carice”“Carice” was a combination of his wife’s names Caroline Alice. L’Amorino can be your dedicated wine song on your special day, dedicated to all the lovers of the world. Love is indeed a many splendored thing.

L'Amorino Negromaro

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